Spooky Three Rivers, MI. Take 2

This is my second installment of my Spooky Three Rivers challenge (to myself). In this one I am only using one video clip from MixKit’s free collection of stock video. The establishing shot is the old Three Rivers Hospital and the same one I used in the last video. Since most of the visual is from stock video I wanted to focus on the atmosphere around the clip.

Here is the media stack up from DaVinici Resolve

Spooky Three River 2

Since I have been collecting audio clips from so many sources over the last couple of years I don’t have a great way to credit all the sources for this scene. The vast majority of my sound effects have come from Singularity, CinePack and DaVinci Resolves free Foley Pack.

Spooky Three Rivers, Michigan

In my continuing effort to build my editing skill set. I have put together this 1.19 minute video, which includes some b footage I took last summer of the old Three Rivers Hospital, some stock clips from You Tube and several sound effects from Singularity. The idea is to create a series of Spooky clips using real places in Three Rivers, MI as the back drop for the month of October.

The ghosts and ghouls were pulled from some random green effects downloaded from You Tube. The building in the background is the old hospital from Three Rivers, Michigan shown without effect below). And the Silent Hill “ash” effect was actually a snow screen overlay that was added to the screen with some fog behind it to complete the “Silent Hill” effect. Although as I think about it now I am a little disappointed I didn’t add the emergency siren that was used in the movie.

Three Rivers Area Hospital

Most of the sound effects are from Film Crux’s Singularity Pack. And all of the lens flairs are from BusyBoxx. There are a couple of other effects packed into their also but I don’t have the source handy for this post. I will take better notes on the next one I do and include the source for all assets. The image below is how the media stacked up in the DaVinci Resolve editor.

DaVinci Resolve Media Stack

As I mentioned above my goal is to to do one of these a week for every week in October mostly because it gives me a structure around my goal of mastering the DaVinci Resolves NLE. If you live in or around the Three Rivers area and would like to collaborate on a project similar to this let me know in the comments or via email.


UPDATE: Due to COVID-19 this event has been canceled for 2020. See you in 2021!

I am very excited to be a part of the first Airfield Drag Race, which will take place at the Dr Haines Municipal Airport in Three Rivers, MI on August 1, 2020.


Join us for the adrenaline-pumping cars, vendor exhibits and live entertainment creating an atmosphere that is not one to miss! The Airfield Drags is a one-day event for the auto enthusiasts, but allowing both young and old a chance to step back into time, reminisce about the good ole days and enjoy the ride!

We are still in the early stages of planning but I would love for you to check out our website here, the FaceBook page here and tell us what you think about it. Also if you would like to volunteer at the event please send an email to info at airfielddrags dot com.

First Flight Around the Neighborhood

My first day light flight for my new Mavic Mini

Here is some video of my first flight around the neighborhood. I cannot wait for the days to get longer and the weather to get warmer so I can take this out and explore Three Rivers in a way that I have never been able to before.

This video was taken with my new DJI Mavic Mini

So I didn’t get a lot of flight time because of the temperatures at the time but I got enough to deserve a post seeing how this was the first time since I got it that I had good light and it wasn’t raining. Spring cannot come soon enough!

Video Post Production Work

Over the last couple of years I have been working on becoming an expert in DaVinci Resolve and video post production work in general. I have come a long way on both accounts but have been reluctant to post anything I have done. Because nothing I have did has risen to the level I would like to show it off to anyone but my family and friends. So in an effort to take my skills to the next level I am going to publish some mash ups of sound and music that I have put together starting with Cup Head Dance Class.

The music is Cup Head Rap by JT Music and the movie is “Swing Time” (1936) featuring Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire in their first dance number.

DaVinci Resolve 16 Foley Sampler Plugin Tutorial

So right off the top I want to point out that this is not a tutorial created by me. This is a tutorial from Digital Vector Studios Limited on how to use the Foley Sampler plugin for both the free and studio version of DaVinci Resolve 16. See their YouTube Channel for more tutorials just like it.

I am posting this now so I can come back to it later when Black Magic Design releases the Foley samples that are due any day now.

Be sure to check out the Be Creative link at the top of this page for more information about where to find DaVinci Resolve as well as many other tools for content creation.

What’s New in DaVinci Resolve 16?

So after playing with DR16 Beta for a couple of weeks I would definitely recommend that you wait for a more stable beta (or the 1.0 release) because, at least on the PC, this one is not anywhere near the stable mark. I moved back to 15 on all three of my PC’s and I have a pretty high toleration for wonky beta software. I am posting the What’s new in DaVinci resolve 16 video anyway because there is some cool features that are right around the corner.

I have high hopes that the next release, which should be dropping soon is a bit closer to production ready so I can try out the Cut Page a bit more.

Nodes In Fusion: The Ultimate Crash Course

Casey Faris published this video on his YouTube channel about Nodes in DaVinci Resolve, which is the best explanation of nodes that I have ever seen. I love that he used a real world task like making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich to explain a seemingly complex process.

It made the workflow so understandable that it has inspired me to get started in Fusion today, which has been my least used tab (almost nil) of the DaVinci Resolve suite of post production tools. I am so excited for what this will lead to….

What is different about Razor Pages?

In my early exploration of Razor Pages I had thought of them as a hi-bred of Web Forms and ASP MVC. And several months later I still think of them that way. And although I am still not completely sold on the idea. I do think they are an interesting and plan to spend more time working with them on my next project. having said that, the question I am still asking myself is “What is different about Razor pages”.

Matthew Jones of the Exception Not Found blog has published a thorough post on this subject, which can be found in this post, “How Does Razor Pages Differ From MVC In ASP.NET Core?“.

Another resource and one that I cannot say enough good things about is this book, “ASP.NET Core 2.0 MVC And Razor Pages For Beginners: How to Build a Website” by Jonas Fagerberg. I thought I had already wrote about it on this blog before but couldn’t find any post mentioning it. So this is the mention and I will include the review that I added to Amazon’s site

I have bought dozens of technical/programming books over the last 10 years covering every topic on the Microsoft stack and this book rates as one of the best. The author has a great ability to teach you how to use the tooling to quickly create decent looking “real world” applications. I have dabbled in ASP.Net core and bought a couple of Core books before this one but wasn’t able to stick with them cover to cover as I have this one. In fact I found it so helpful that I bought a physical copy to go along with the Kindle version I originally bought.

Two things that I should note is that they have done something different with the code formatting in this book then I have never seen in any other Kindle book. The code is in color and is formatted like it would be in the book (although the book version isn’t in color). It almost looks like an image of the code block was pasted into the text. But it is not an image because you can copy and paste into your editor. If you have ever purchased a ASP code book on Kindle you will know what a mess the code formatting usually is. I am hoping that all future programming books do the same thing. What a treat!

The other thing to know is that the author has you use a third party tool to use in one of the tutorials, which between the time this book was finished and now the maker of that tool no longer offers a free version of it. I contacted the vendor and they said my only option was to buy a year subscription to try it out and they would refund my money if I requested it up to 30 days.

There are a few minor code issues but they were easy to debug so no show stoppers there. Based on my experience I think that if you go into this book with prior (even just a little) ASP.Net knowledge you will have no issue learning how to build out a full Core web application with just this book. .