2021 Airfield Drags Promotional Videos

I am adding the first two promotional videos I worked on for the 2021 Airfield Drags events to this site.

Patty Cake Airfield Drag 2021 Announcement
Brian Scott Airfield Drag 2021 Story

If you want to find out more about this event you can check out their Facebook page here or their website here. The 2021 event is scheduled for August 7th 2021.

Airfield Drags 2020 Cover Girl
Airfield Drags 2020 Cover Girl

Both of these videos were done with a very narrow timeline so the “production value” isn’t perfect. But I do think the it is good enough for a starting point. I am posting to promote the event and to show where we started so as we get better at filming, editing and promoting our videos there will be a documented progression of our journey.

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