Spooky Three Rivers, Michigan

In my continuing effort to build my editing skill set. I have put together this 1.19 minute video, which includes some b footage I took last summer of the old Three Rivers Hospital, some stock clips from You Tube and several sound effects from Singularity. The idea is to create a series of Spooky clips using real places in Three Rivers, MI as the back drop for the month of October.

The ghosts and ghouls were pulled from some random green effects downloaded from You Tube. The building in the background is the old hospital from Three Rivers, Michigan shown without effect below). And the Silent Hill “ash” effect was actually a snow screen overlay that was added to the screen with some fog behind it to complete the “Silent Hill” effect. Although as I think about it now I am a little disappointed I didn’t add the emergency siren that was used in the movie.

Three Rivers Area Hospital

Most of the sound effects are from Film Crux’s Singularity Pack. And all of the lens flairs are from BusyBoxx. There are a couple of other effects packed into their also but I don’t have the source handy for this post. I will take better notes on the next one I do and include the source for all assets. The image below is how the media stacked up in the DaVinci Resolve editor.

DaVinci Resolve Media Stack

As I mentioned above my goal is to to do one of these a week for every week in October mostly because it gives me a structure around my goal of mastering the DaVinci Resolves NLE. If you live in or around the Three Rivers area and would like to collaborate on a project similar to this let me know in the comments or via email.

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