Free Resources for learning DaVinci Resolve 15

DaVinci Resolve 15

Blackmagic Design has added several new and free resources for learning DaVinci Resolve 15. In fact, at the rate they are releasing them now, I would recommend that you check out their YouTube Page for updates.  

For this post I am going to link only to the videos that are based on getting around the Resolve interface and not include those that focus on BM’s hardware panels etc. Currently they have all the Resolve 15 tabs covered except the Fairlight tab, which is the audio editing tab. My expectation is that the Fairlight video

I am going to order these videos by Resolves intended workflow (tab order) and not necessarily how I use it. Or for that matter the order I watch the videos. First off we have the Introduction to Editing video. Update: On 12/21/2018 they introduced a video about managing media inside Resolve so I am going to insert that one in right before the editing tab because, well, workflow.

Media Tab
Edit Tab

Next we have the VFX and Graphics videos.

Fusion Tab Video 1
Fusion Tab Video 2

Next we have the color grading video.

Color Grading Tab

And the audio editing page

Fairlight audio editing tab Video 1
Fairlight audio editing tab Video 2

And lastly the delivery page.

Delivery Tab

So while I have not made it through all these videos I can still highly recommend them. The one and a half that I have been through is rich with Resolve information. And in general all of Blackmagic’s training material is top notch. I own both of their certification books and have watched every video they have produced related to the Resolve 15 product.

If you are new to the Resolve you may want to start with this Resolve 15.2 released today. Or if you prefer books of videos there are also two books (mentioned above) available from Amazon, which are “The Definitive Guide to DaVinci Resolve 15” in printed book or Kindle and the “Introduction to Fairlight Audio Post with DaVinci Resolve 15” (Kindle Only). If you decide to buy either of the books mentioned in this post please do so by clicking on the links above. It helps support this site.

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