Two more tools for the digital arts

Back in October of last year I created a list of creative tools that are either free or come in at a very low cost for people looking to get started with creative projects in technology, which from now on I am going to refer to as the Digital Arts.

Recently I added two more to the list, which are OBS Studio and OpenShot. I have not had the chance to get into OpenShot yet but it looks promising and possibly a simpler version of Davinci Resolve. At some point in the near future I will open it up and play with it some so that I can do some type of review of it. I have, however, spent a fair amount of time in OBS Studio and plan to do my first instructional video soon covering how to setup and deploy green screen streaming with it.

Open Broadcasting Studio Logo OBS Studio or Open Broadcaster Software is an open source tool that makes streaming video through platforms like Twitch, Mixer, and You Tube simple. You can literally be up in running in less then 10 minutes.

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