Green Screen Test for my YouTube Channel

So after seeing Jeffrey Fritz do a live code stream using a green screen I was inspired to give it a try. Luckily he also provided a Live Stream 101 page that detailed his setup. So last week I downloaded the recommended software, upgraded my webcam and went to Walmart to purchase a temporary green screen, which literally was a green piece of construction paper that I scotch taped to a window screen that I leaned up against the back of my chair. I spent way to much time adjusting it to cover my entire background (It was about an inch or two too short to use it like I intended). Anyway after spending about twenty minutes trying to get that setup just right I was ready to do my First Green Screen Test for my YouTube Channel, which is what you see below.

So the first lesson I took from this test were get a real green screen, which I did. Well I have ordered the cheapest one I could find on Amazon that included a support stand. I will do a review on this one Green Screen from Amazonlater after I have had a chance to use it some. If you are thinking about ordering the same screen based on this post or my upcoming review please use the Amazon affiliate link at the bottom of this post.

The second thing I learned is that lighting is extremely important. As you can see from the off color square around my head in the video. (I think) I was pushing too much light onto my green screen, which caused it to appear a little washed out. As I said this test consisted of using construction paper taped to an object leaning against my chair so it wasn’t the best environment to do a lot of adjusting before hand and impossible to adjust while the recording was going on.

The last thing I learned from this test is that “good enough” is good enough. I must have started and stopped this recording 20 times trying to get through what I wanted to say without stuttering, tripping over my words or pausing for a second or two to arrange my thoughts between sentences.  After what must have been the 20th time I just decided to run though it one more time and be okay with any imperfections in my spoken word. – much like I do with my written word in the posts on this blog.

I will continue to update this blog with any new videos I post and with the new things I learn as I do more and more of it.  And, finally, as a reminder I am including a link ad to the green screen I ordered below. Clicking on it and ordering from Amazon will help support this site.

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