Three Rivers Area Creative Computer People

Next  year (January of 2018) I would like to start a Creative Computer People user Group for the Three Rivers area. In the beginning I am thinking that we would start out with the basics, which could be as basic as getting the various programs installed on the attendees computers. Next we could pick one of the programs and work with interface to become comfortable with the application and then build a basic project with it.

Ideally, for me anyway, I would like to start with Blender 3D because once you get the basics of it down working on Unity or Fusion will make more sense to the users. It is also a very powerful program that you can do some amazing projects with in a short amount of time. The major barrier in the beginning is the user interface, which is where we can put a lot of the focus in the early stages.

If you are unfamiliar with blender take some time to check out the site by clicking the logo below.
Blender LogoAlso be sure to check out the Open Projects site to see some of the amazing animations being made with this tool.

If  you have any interest in joining this group and you are in the Three Rivers Area please email me of leave a comment on this post. If I can at least two more people to commit to coming I will see about getting a room at the community center in Three Rivers.

Check out My Creative and Budget Friendly Toolbox List post to see all the tools that we could potentially work with in group meetings.

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