Real World Windows 10 Development Book

Finally there is a book dedicated to Windows 10 Development.

Real World Windows 10 DevelopmentThe book is called “Real World Windows 10 Development“.  Apress is the publisher and as far as I know Apress is the first “big pub” company out with a book totally dedicated to Windows 10 development. Sam’s is promising an Unleashed Windows 10 book soon but as of this post it is still a pre-order status.

I have been waiting since the fall (of 2015) to get a book on Windows 10 app development because, although many of the techniques used for Windows 8.1 apps carries over to Windows 10 development, there are still enough differences that I didn’t want to dive too deep into the 8.1 world and then have to relearn all the nuanced or not so nuanced differences between the two.

This post is really not an attempt at a review because I am only one chapter in. I will try an come back and do that at a later date as I get closer to the end of the book. The reason for this post is to let those who have been waiting for something to get published know that there is something out there. Finally.

Currently there are only three reviews for this book on Amazon. The first two are 5 star, which one looks a little suspect (no other reviews by the customer but this one). The other did have a couple of other reviews but one of them was another book from the two authors of this book, which may or may not mean anything. The one negative reviewer also only ever reviewed one book (this one) and the criticism was a little vague so not sure what to make of it.

Spending $40 plus dollars and a book with so few reviews is not something I normally do but like I said I have been waiting a while for a book like this. So while I decided to take a chance on it and give the book I try I am not ready to recommend it (yet). I will try and come back to this post and update it with some of my thoughts as I go through it.

Update: I did run across another book on the subject called “Developing Windows 10 Applications with C#“. This one currently has only one review and doesn’t appear to be a “big pub” book. However looking though the sample it does look to be a very thorough.


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