Convert Windows 10 Home to Pro

Convert Windows 10 Home to ProBetanews posted the directions to convert from Windows 10 Home to Pro here. Keep in mind this isn’t a free upgrade. This is a guide to help you try Windows 10 Pro before you buy it. To buy (or activate) the pro version it will cost you around $100. You can view the Windows 10 version comparisons here.

For me the reasons to upgrade were Bit Locker, Remote Desktop Access and the Hyper V Client. Although I could probably do just fine without Bit Locker and Hyper V. I live in the Remote Desktop client and don’t think I could work productively without it.

By the way if you decide to stay with Pro you can buy directly from the Microsoft store, which Microsoft will gladly take you to through the Activation Page in settings. The one the thing to beware of is it is not clear to me (anyway) of what you do if you want to convert back to the Home version. I didn’t find a clarification on the subject but one commenter claimed that they had to restore their system to go back to Home. Just keep that in mind if you decide to take the Pro version for  a spin.

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