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In an earlier post I mentioned that this was not my first attempt at blogging. In fact I have tried multiple times since I became aware that Blogs existed and before that I used to post to a static page with a web editor.

The first time I got any traction on the Internet with any kind of self publishing of content was with forums an I absolutely loved that mode of communicating on the web. And I can’t fathom the number of hours I spent arguing about politics on the web during that time. Notice I didn’t say wasted because, as I said, I LOVED IT. I am not sure if I ever made a difference beyond a few local things that I know were changed because of my involvement with them but it was a great run.

At one point in the early 2000’s I started a forum to cover politics and local issues for the city of Three Rivers to replace the one that the city had but decided to take down because I (and a few others) had used their site to stage a very vocal protest about some of the actions that the commission had taken recently taken. They were the kind of actions that, I think, looked good on paper but were in my opinion so anti liberty. So much so that I could not stand by silently and let them stand un-challenged.

This post is not to argue about whether I was right or wrong about my political opinions ten years ago. The Liberty 1st forum still exists today and anyone can go there, read the content, and decide for themselves. This post is (mostly to continue the practice and continuity of posting) to talk about one of a couple languishing projects of mine that I would like to reintroduce to the web and see if I can get some transaction on that site once again. The site is a political one and mostly takes on a libertarian slant. Although the forum never had an intentional slant because it was a place where anyone could post, regardless of their political leanings, and express their opinions to the world. Well mostly to the people of Three Rivers) but you know what I mean. All that a person needed was the courage of their convictions to state their opinions and sometimes defend them in a public (somewhat anonymous) forum.

So anyway the forum is no longer active but the blog is going to get new posts starting this week. And if you would like to contribute to a pro liberty blog regardless of whether you are from the left or the right I would love to hear from you. Send me an email or add a comment to this post.

Oh I almost forgot to post the link to the blog. The blog can be found here at the Liberty 1st Site.

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There is a Liberty 1st forum 2.0 but by the time it was put into place most people had moved on to Face Book for the kind of thing they used to get from the forum so it is somewhat of a ghost town these days.


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