Visual Studio 2015 RTM July 20th

Visual Studio 2015 RTM (release to Manufacturing) set for July 20th. 2015

I am a little late on this but S. Somasegar Visual Studio 2015 Announcement the vice president of Microsoft’s Developer Division announced on June 29th that Visual Studio 2015 RTM is going to be released.

Visual Studio 2015 is a big release.  We are opening up Visual Studio to developers targeting new platforms – from cross-platform mobile development targeting iOS, Android and Windows, to game development targeting Unity, Unreal, Cocos and more.  At the same time, Visual Studio 2015 redefines developer productivity with proactive diagnostics tooling and the new Roslyn language services for C# and VB.  And together, Visual Studio 2015, Team Foundation Server 2015 and Visual Studio Online help teams to embrace DevOps with great agile backlog management, Azure cloud tooling, hosted continuous integration, and Application Insights across all the components of your application.

To celebrate the release, we invite you to join us online on July 20th to learn about the new features and technologies. You will be able to engage in live, interactive Q&A sessions with the engineering team, as well as deep-dive into technical details covered in over 60 on-demand video sessions.

For me this is bigger then the release of Windows 10 because Visual Studio is where I live for most of my day. I have been using the Release Candidate for production(ish) since it came out and have not had any major problems with it at all. And although I use Code Rush from Developer Express I like that Microsoft is adding some more “hinting” of their own.  The diagnostics tools have some new visuals the kick in automatically during debugging.

Diagnostic Tool Window


I haven’t experienced all the new features that are included out of the box but am looking forward to the announcement to learn about what I’m not using that I should be.

I mostly do WPF I am very happy with the updates there because they seem to have fixed many of the quirks that I found in the previous IDE like for instance, not being able to access fields in the Properties Windows at what seemed like very random times.  I have never used Blend beyond some limited experimentation but I plan to take advantage of the features and improvements that Microsoft has done to it on my current project in hopes that it helps me transition from traditional development to MVVM.

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