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Windows 10 Desktop
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Microsoft has released a Windows 10 Edition Comparison guide to help businesses (and other consumers) decide which version of Windows 10 is the right version for them.

Windows 10 Comarison Snippet
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For me the most exciting thing is that it appears based on the snipped image above they are going to allow line of business application side loading right out of the box. Please. Please. Let that be the case. I have two projects that have been held back by this limitation in the Windows 8 eco system that would benefit greatly from this change in features.

In other Windows 10 news Microsoft has put up a page to help you upgrade to Windows 10 for free assuming that you have a valid copy of Window 7, 8 or 8.1. And lastly if you are not seeing the Reserve Windows Icon in your task bar you can find out how to get it here at the Windows 10 Upgrade FAQ.

I have been running the Preview release for as long as it has been available and really like what I have seen so far. However I have run into a lot of issues using it as my default setup and cannot see how they are going to get all of them resolved before the release, which is now less then a month away.

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