Any developers in the Three Rivers, MI area?

One of the hardest things about being a self taught developer in a small town like Three Rivers, MI is that there isn’t a well known group of developers that I can work with when I need help on a project or when I have a client that needs work on a technology that I don’t work with.   Three Rivers, MI logoI am currently looking for some technology people from the Three Rivers area to network with as well as possibly throw some work your way. So if you are a developer anywhere in Southwest Michigan please leave a comment and I will provide a link back to your site.

Also if you are just getting started and looking for clients or a job contact me because I know of someone who is looking for a entry level developer to build and maintain several C# WPF applications as well as a support person to do over the phone support. You can send me an email for more information about either of those positions at buck at buck hicks dot net.

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