My Purpose Here

To answer a question that no one has asked me. I want to explain what my purpose is here. Mainly I want to accomplish the following four things:

  1. Practice my writing and communications skills.
  2. Keep an (online) archive of interesting links and code samples that I can search and find later.
  3. Expand the brand that is me – for whatever that means.
  4. Publish things publicly so that I can create some accountability to myself even if I am the only one that ever takes account of the things I say. In others words the artificial pressure of posting things publicly and “pretending” I have an audience will help me keep moving forward. – And To be completely honest this is the one that is the most important to me and the rest are just icing on the cake.

My Purpose So in the early stages of this blog some of my topics may seem random. However my intention is that I focus on consistency, right now, and not on any specific topic. In that way I can, at least, practice my writing and communication skills. The side benefit of this I can use the practice to cover the brand that is me.

At some point down the road I want to add some code samples and short tutorials but for now I am going to avoid them so I can keep the flow going. And lastly I am starting to loath the word brand when talking about myself so I am going stop using it immediately.

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