The Simple Programmer

The Soft Skills book mentioned in the last post was written by John Sonmez who also maintains the Simple Programmer’s website. If you are interested in personal branding or learning how to maximize your soft skills his site is an excellent place to start. As I mentioned in my last post this book and its author is what inspired me to start blogging again under the domain. The author, John Sonmez, posts frequently and the content is top notch. There is also a free 3 week course on how to get started blogging in the Simple Programmer’s Resource Section, which I am on day 3.

On a side note:

One of the early lessons for a successful blog from John is that you need to pick your niche. And the more specific the niche the better your blog will stand out from all the noise on the internet. And while I totally buy into that I am going to hold off on revealing my niche until I have better established a record of consistent posting. For now I am going to focus on getting to know the “Buck Hicks Brand”.



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